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Recently Ron "the Bagman" Davis was featured on WITF's Smart Talk, along with Penn State professor Bill Lamont and retired engineer Jim Garthe, to talk about a potential solution that, on the surface, appears to address several environmental problems.

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About Us

R. Davis Enterprises, Inc was founded in 1993 by Ronald T. Davis and his wife Tawny. It grew out of a previous company named T&T Sales (for "Tim and Tawny", Tim being Ron's middle name).

After working with Häagen-Dazs for several years, Ron departed to start a business. He found success selling bags at about $33.00 per case but soon was informed by a Korean grocery store owner that he could obtain the same bags for less than half that cost. Ron started to do research into who bought which bags from which company and which steamship line provided what service.

Ron began wholesaling plastic bags directly from overseas suppliers and eventually established a partnership with a factory owner in Vietnam, and business was fine for a few years. However, one day the money went missing, nearly sending Ron into bankruptcy. The Vietnamese government offered no recourse except to offer the advice that Ron "needed to find better friends".

Undeterred, Ron decided to start over again from scratch. He discovered where high quality bags are being manufactured right here in the United States, using resin from natural gas produced right here in Pennsylvania and at a great price. Now R. Davis Enterprises offers stock and custom printed bags with a capacity of 35 lbs. each made right here in the U.S.A. The price is good, service is great at R. Davis enterprises.

Becoming "Ron the Bagman"

Ron deals with many different customers from all kinds of different nationalities and cultures that often don’t remember his name so much as the guy who sells bags. So over time he naturally became “Bagman”, a nickname which Ron gladly embraces and says that every time he hears, “hey Bagman”, it is music to his ears. Ron proudly says “thank you” in many different languages and cherishes the religious and cultural diversity of his customers.

Agricultural Recycling

R Davis Enterprises now recycles agricultural plastics, cardboard and other material from farmers, businesses and municipalities. Over the past few years, our company has upgraded its recycling infrastructure with the purchase a new horizontal baler, which could bale up to 4000 lbs an hour or about 600,000 lbs per month. That’s about 300 tons of agri-plastics removed from landfills each month!

We're looking to work with those who look towards eco-friendly, efficient and environmentally sustainable practices as well as those who champion local small business and domestic manufacturing. Soon R Davis Enterprises will become a complete recycling operation, servicing Central Pennsylvania and neighboring locales and closing the loop between recycling and manufacturing.

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Recycle Your Plastic Wrapping.
We've installed a new compactor, giving us the capacity to recycle your plastic wrapping. Bring it bailed and we'll take it off your hands or we will pick it up from your location for free! We'll even give you gaylords and/or canliners for your plastic to place your used stretched film in preparation for our pickup. We will sort it, ship it and reprocess it into high-quality canliners, all done in the USA while literally salvaging tons of potential waste.


R. Davis Enterprises offers LTL (Less-Than-Truck Load) Trucking anywhere in the continental United States, with great contacts for LTL service nationwide. We also offer "White Glove" Delivery Service, as our company will handle all high end equipment with security and great care. We'll deliver the product to its destination, bring it into the building, break it down out of the crate, assemble the product, and remove all packaging and trash items.

Quality Products

Ron the Bagman made his name by offering high quality plastic bags made in the U.S.A. From the generic to custom printed merchant bags and many different types of bags between, ranging from small zip-lock bags to 55-gallon can liners. Beyond great bags, we also often carry many other products by the case including paper towels, bathroom tissue, deli containers, vented produce bags, bakery boxes, stretch film and packing material.

Bagman Recycles

Ron the Bagman explains how he saves many businesses time and money by removing their plastic waste and recycling it into high quality trash can liners, all while the entire process is done in the U.S.A.

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